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Around The World

A interactive STEAM based lesson discussing Easter and the true meaning of Easter.

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Around The World
Around The World


2022年4月21日 上午11:00 – 2022年4月23日 下午1:20



Theme: Around The World

Teacher: Angie (Native English Speaking Teacher)

Medium: English only

Conduct in Zoom Class

Part 1 - Story Telling & Show and Tell

Date: 21-April 2022 (Thu)

Time: 11:00-11:50am

Fee: $160/kid

Group size: Max 8 kids

About the lesson:

We will learn facts about different countries and discuss different cultures, customs and traditions. Practice with fun listening exercises, and learning some signature landmarks like Big ben, Pyramids, Leaning toward of Pisa, Eiffle tower and the statue of liberty. 

Show and Tell session: Your favourite country

For these few years, we are not able to travel to other countries but still we can research online or read books about different countries. Students will receive a Passport (a printable) before lesson, and using this as a template to share their findings with Ms Angie.

今次老師會同小朋友分享一個有趣的故事 "Around the world with Max and Lemon" 講2位小朋友同遊世界不同地方的經歷。老師亦會透過遊戲,讓小朋友認識不同國家的名稱、地域、文化、習俗、服裝、食物及有名的地標等。

因為近年疫情關係,小朋友不能外遊,我們精心設計了一本 Passport 給小朋友,希望家長可在課堂前與小朋友一起探索世界,並選出一個你們最喜歡的國家,將資料記錄在 Passport 上,在 Show and Tell 環節內與老師及其他學生分享。 

Part 2 - Activity Workshop

Date: 23-April 2022 (Sat)

Time: 12:30-1:20pm

Fee: $160/kid

Group size: Max 8 kids

About the lesson:

  • Choose 6-8 photos of one of your most exciting trip, DIY a camera and share with teacher. Learn to use past tense to describe a past event. 
  • To greet a friend come from another country, make a fortune cookies and learn some greeting words. 
  • Baking a universal dessert "Cookies" with Ms Angie, and add whatever topping you like, to share with your family. 

我們邀請小朋友帶 6-8張與家人或朋友去旅行的照片(旅行、Stayation 或郊遊都可以)老師會同小朋友一齊動手製作一部最可愛的相機,將小朋友開心的回憶記錄下來,並以記敍的形式說出來,學習運用「過去式」敘述事情。

我們經常會在不同的節日祝福朋友,一齊學寫 Fortune Cookies 內的祝頌語!

最後 Ms Angie 會教大家動手製作一種無分國界的甜品 "Cookies" ,歡迎自選不同的配料裝飾,再和家人一起分享!

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  • Story Time & Show and Tell

    Date: 21-Apr 2022 (Thu) Time: 11:00-11:50am

  • Activity workshop

    Date: 23-Apr 2022 (Sat) Time: 12:30-1:20pm





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