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This book is filled with interesting real world facts and general knowledge, selected for young children, to:
• pique their curiosity about the world;
• spark interest in the things around them;
• expand their imagination to think creatively;
• encourage them to read more; and
• enhance their thinking and problem-solving skills through the learning of new knowledge.


Level 1: 4-5 years

Level 2: 5-6 years


No. of Pages: 96

Super IQ English Preschool

HK$102.00 一般價格
  • 新加坡幼稚園學制與香港不同,以下是一個對照表:
    新加坡 PN = 香港 K1
    新加坡 K1 = 香港 K2
    新加坡 K2 = 香港 K3

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