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Workbooks offer the independent practice necessary for students to hone their skills. Corresponding to textbook material, lessons begin with fundamentals and progresses to more challenging problems.


Features & Components:

🔸  Basics: Provide a review of basic concepts covered in textbooks.

🔸  Practice: Reinforces and consolidates learning through practice problems.

🔸  Challenge: Offers advanced enrichment through challenging problems.

🔸  Check: Gives students a chance to confirm their understanding.  



Note: Two workbooks (A and B) for each grade correspond to the two halves of the school year. Answer key not included. 


Table of Contents:
Chapter 8: Mental Calculation (10 exercises)

Chapter 9: Multiplication and Division of 3 and 4 (9 exercises)

Chapter 10: Money (8 exercises)

Chapter 11: FractionsExercise 1 (7 exercises)

Chapter 12: Time (4 exercises)

Chapter 13: Capacity (3 exercises)

Chapter 14: Graphs (3 exercises)

Chapter 15: Shapes (8 exercises)

Dimension Maths Workbook 2B

HK$122.00 一般價格
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