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This exceptional collection of 10 English readers has been meticulously handpicked by our Native English teacher to cater to the needs of specific schools. With a keen focus on reading level and style, each book in this set is carefully curated to align with the requirements of the school. Whether it's preparing for the P1 interview or enhancing language skills, these books offer the ideal blend of captivating content and educational value. With the "School-Specific English Reader Set," children can embark on an enriching reading journey that not only prepares them for their P1 interview, but also fosters a lifelong love for reading and language proficiency.


Parents are required to provide the name of your targeted school, and our teacher will select the books for you.


This valuable pack also includes a free gift: a storytelling dice. It can assists kids in identifying important story elements.


This set includes:

1. 10 books hand picked by the Native English Teacher

2. Free gift: A storytelling dice stamp 


Remark: The book titles are non-changeable as they are specifically selected for your targeted school's profile.

School Specific English Reader Set

HK$380.00 一般價格
預訂貨品:付款後 3-4 日寄出(老師需時揀書)
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