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It includes:

5 reusable sticker sets (5 scenes)

5 listening task (listen by QR code)


Animal Habitats Set

Visit a farm, a prehistoric landscape, a desert oasis, a jungle, or the deep blue sea, all in this interactive sticker book!


The glossy, full-color backgrounds are ready to be filled with over 150 stickers:

Stick a dinosaur by the prehistoric pond and a shark in the ocean--or mix them up and make silly scenes! 


Vehicles Set:
Fill the reusable scenes with 165 cling-style stickers, and create your own busy airport, train tracks, harbor, construction site, or roadway!

To set the scene and spur the imagination, five glossy, full-color backgrounds feature lots of space to play creatively. 


Listening Tasks

HK$98.00 一般價格
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