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The activities in this book can be used at home or in school. At home, children can do the activities to further develop their understanding and the thinking skills they have learnt in school. In school, children can do the activities in groups or they can take them home for extra practice in the thinking skills they have learnt in class.

This book consists of 25 Brainteasers, 20 Open-ended Non-routine Problem-solving Questions and 15 Enrichment Activities to motivate children in their learning. For some Brainteasers, cut-out tiles and puzzle blocks are provided for the children. This “hands-on” experience helps children to solve the respective problems.

When a child is ready to begin each brainteaser or activity, find him or her a quiet place to work. Read the instructions on each page with the child and be sure the directions are understood. You may want to let the child work through the first problem on the page and allow him to tell you his problem. Describing their work in their own words helps children make the idea clearer in their minds and lets you know what they are thinking. If a child gets a different answer from that in the answer key, accept that answer if the child gives a reasonable explanation.

Lower Primary Maths Activities & Puzzles

HK$122.00 一般價格
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