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Don’t reach for the smart phone. Hand them Evan-Moor’s The Never-Bored Kid Book. It’s the ideal activity book for pre-kindergarteners and kindergarteners, containing fun and engaging crafts, mazes, dot-to-dots, hidden pictures and more. All The Never-Bored Kid Book activities are age-appropriate and aren’t just busy work. The activities revolve around themes kids love like pets, teaching important pre-academic skills such as following directions, sequencing, visual discrimination and thinking skills while entertaining them.


While being engaged in fun activities, your children will be practicing important age-appropriate skills such as visual discrimination, sequencing, small muscle coordination, following directions, and critical and creative thinking.

The activities in The Never-Bored Kid Book, Ages 4 and 5 are organized around 16 age-appropriate themes, including:

  • teddy bear
  • my wagon
  • creepy caterpillar
  • snowman
  • many pets
  • rainbows
  • yummy fruit
  • chickens
  • rabbits
  • rain, rain
  • Is Anyone Home?
  • elephant
  • Who Is the Driver?
  • the zoo
  • mouse
  • spider home


No. of pages: 160


The Never-Bored Kid Book 2 for ages 5 and 6 is filled with activities that are fun to do and are valuable learning experiences at the same time.

Kids will practice age-appropriate skills such as:

  • addition & subtraction
  • counting
  • shapes
  • patterning
  • letter recognition
  • letter-sound association
  • word families
  • sequencing
  • writing


No. of pages: 144

Never Bored Kid Book (Ages 5-6)

HK$125.00 一般價格
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