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Exam Ready Primary English Mock Papers ( P1-P6)

• Each book offers 8 sets of Mock papers for two semesters (Each semester has 3 General Tests and 1 Exam) assessing grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills covered in major textbooks

• Each paper contains 2 reading passages, 16 passages per book

• Writing section offered on Test 3, 6 and Exam Papers

• Includes challenging questions (indicated with an icon) in each paper

• Compatible with major textbooks in Hong Kong

• All question types and text types are modelled on real school tests and examinations

• Each book includes 1 FREE Revision Checklist


• 每冊提供 8 份模擬試卷,每學期設 3 份測驗卷及 1 份考試卷,高效複習文法、詞彙、閱讀及寫作等範疇

• 每份模擬試卷提供 2 篇閱讀理解文章,全冊共 16 篇

• 每冊的測驗卷 3、6 及兩份考試卷均設有寫作部分,加強訓練學生寫作技巧

• 設有高難度題目,配合答案解說,有助提升學生水平

• 題目及文體類型均參照學校試卷而編寫

• 可配合各大出版社課本使用

• 每級附送「重點溫習冊  (Revision Checklist)」一本,幫助學生快速重溫各文法重點

P4 Exam Ready Primary English Mock Papers

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HK$102.00 一般價格
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