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MathPro for HKAT PowerUp Pre-S1 Mock Papers (P4-6,3 books)

• Each book contains 6-7 sets of Mock Papers (P4-5 : 6 sets ; P6 : 7 sets), covering different types of questions over the years. The contents are written in a progressive manner and closely follow the latest HKAT exam format.

• Key features of each mock paper::
✦ NEW indicates new and frequently assessed question types
✦ HARD indicates challenging questions
✦ HOT indicates questions that are likely to be assessed in the coming exam

• Answers with detailed solutions are provided in separate booklet.

• A free Pre-S1 Math Examination Handbook covering all the Pre-S1 assessment focuses is given. All key terms and concepts are provided.

P6 MathPro for HKAT PowerUp Pre-S1 Mock Papers

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