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Grammar Tutor 全彩色豐富插圖,由淺有序地有效提高孩子學習Grammar 的興趣。


🔸  內容分別有Puzzle,unscramble the words,Make a sentence。籍此提昇Grammar運用及豐富詞匯量。 


No. of pages: 109


Grammar Tutor for Ages 5-7

Grammar is the essence of every language. Therefore, grammatical competence is an integral part of language learning and success in school. However, due to its technical nature, grammar has always been considered a dry, dreary and difficult area of language learning.
We hope to change such perceptions with Grammar Tutor which is designed as an easy-to-use reference and guide to English grammar. It is grammar made simple enough to be easily understood by pupils, and at the same time sufficiently comprehensive to cover all the essentials primary school pupils require to excel in their English examination.

Grammar Tutor for age 5-7

HK$145.00 一般價格
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