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About Us

BINGO! is a new way for young children to learn English.

Used in conjunction with the Ting audio pen, this publication is for making learning English even easier. All the words can be heard when the pen is tapped on the page. The pen is also used to answer quizzes, listen to songs and learn extra information about a topic.

It comes with easy worksheets written in the style of the questions used in the Cambridge English qualifications (formerly known as YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers).

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BINGO! Shop is proud to offer an innovative solution for learning English with our BINGO! RED and BLUE sets. Each sets include 40 booklets and over 800 pages of downloadable worksheets, all designed according to  the Cambridge English curriculum. Our starter set, BINGO! RED, is perfect for those just starting out on their English learning journey and focuses on seeing the world and loving the Earth. Our advance level set, BINGO! BLUE, challenges learners to think deeply and act wisely, broadening their knowledge and language skills. At BINGO! Shop, we strive to make learning English fun and accessible for everyone.
Other books produced by the BINGO! team include the activity book Me Time, a fun way to practise English for the Cambridge exams, and the picture book Asian Elephant Art). Both books were made in collaboration with Sing Tao. 



The makers of BINGO! are an experienced team who have worked in education publishing for more than 20 years.

Worked in HKET, SCMP, Sing Tao (The Standard education, Smart Parents), HKEJ, and other online platforms including Ohpama! eClass, GRWTH, Happy Pama (run by Ming Pao)


20 years' experience as a Cambridge examiner (ie, YLE, KET PET, IELTS) 

School & Book Projects

The producers behind BINGO! have also worked with various kindergartens and primary schools (TWGHs, PLK, DBSPD, Catholic kindergartens and Methodist primary schools) to produce books with words, images and audio collectively created by students. The themes include pondering philosophical questions, identity, friendship, life changes, promoting moral values, worldwide perspectives and Chinese culture. A selection of these books were made in collaboration with Sing Tao.

Subscribed Schools

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