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English Reading Program (Trial)

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English Reading Program (Trial)
English Reading Program (Trial)


2022年5月27日 下午6:30 – 2022年6月01日 下午8:00



English Reading Program 

There are 2 levels (beginner & advanced level)

Learning objectives:

  • Reading strategies (main idea, main characters, situation, prediction, etc)
  • Learning vocabulary (nouns, adjective, verbs, etc)
  • Read out loud accurately
  • Reading fluency
  • Understanding the article
  • Discussing about the article and related topics
  • Present your own idea and answer in full sentences
  • Creative writing

Students will learn how to write a book report. Teacher will read a novel and discuss it with them in the class.

Teacher will assign around 3-4 books after the lesson for home reading.

About the class

Group size: max 4 kids

Suitable for K2 - K3

Class Duration: 40 mins / class

Full course: 12 lessons (June - Aug) 1 lesson per week

Class Payment per month: 4 lessons (Total $720) 

We will provide all reading materials, include home reading materials (will create a student account for each student to access the online reading platform, teacher will assign books in the app)

Trial class

Group size: max 4 kids

Duration: 25 mins

Fee: $150

Mainly to assess the English level of students and to interact with teacher in lesson

After the trial lesson, teacher will give written comments to the student include:

- Words they struggled with

- Words they understand and read well

- Fluency and pronunciation

- Expression (Can they present their own ideas?)

- What they can improve on


  • 27/5 (Fri) 6:30-6:55

    Trial Lesson

  • 27/5 (Fri) 7:00-7:25

    Trial Lesson

  • 1/6 (Wed) 6:30-6:55

    Trial Lesson

  • 1/6 (Wed) 7:00-7:25

    Trial Lesson





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