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Parent Phonics Class (For Beginners)

Help your kids with Phonics – First steps

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Parent Phonics Class (For Beginners)
Parent Phonics Class (For Beginners)


2022年5月03日 下午8:00 – 2022年5月12日 下午9:15



Help your kids with Phonics – First steps

Do you want your kids to be able to?

✓ start reading simple words aloud independently from as early as 3 years old?  

✓ attempt to sound out simple words, even those that they haven’t seen before? 

✓ read books for beginners and gradually progress to more advanced ones?

✓ attempt to orally segment or spell simple words?

✓ develop confidence and interest in reading English books?

✓ get ahead of others in phonics classes?

If so, this is the class for you!


This course provides you with step-by-step instruction on how kids are taught phonics in kindergartens  with an aim to equip you with sufficient tools and know-hows to guide and assist in their learning.  In addition to knowing if your kids are coping with their lessons and progressing well, you can also help  them advance further at their own pace.

Course Details

Dates: May 3, 5, 10, 12 (Tue & Thu) 

Time: 8:00-9:15pm (75 mins)

Training Format: Online training with Zoom

Core resource used: Letterland Online Platform (with access to Letterland Phonics Online platform for  a total of 2 months, subsequent access at a cost of $180 per year)

Medium of instruction: Cantonese & English

Total sessions: 4 x 1hr 15 mins (to be completed in approx. 2 weeks)

Course fee: HK$1,000

Class size: maximum 4 parents

Further learning option: Help your kids with Phonics - Further steps

About the trainer - Ms Amy Chu 

Ms Chu has been a phonics teacher for kindergarten and primary students for over 20 years. She has  also been invited to hold Phonics training for teachers in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary  schools and learning centers.

In order to support parents in teaching their children to spell and read using a wide range of useful and  interesting phonics resource and materials, Ms Chu also provides high quality phonics education resource in Hong Kong as well as organizations such as  Heep Hong Society and Caritas.

Lesson 1: Introduction and Alphabet sounds – focus on acquiring, practicing and applying the sounds of alphabets through Letterland stories

✓ Quick introduction to Phonics and the UK phonics curriculum

✓ Teaching phonics the Letterland way with colourful pictograms and stories

✓ A-z alphabet sounds based on Letterland Phonics Online platform – Part 1

Lesson 2: Alphabet sounds continued - focus on acquiring, practicing and applying the sounds of  alphabets through Letterland stories

✓ A-z alphabet sounds based on Letterland Phonics Online platform– Part 2

✓ Activities to play at home to support learning the sounds

✓ Tips and tricks to differentiate similar alphabet sounds

Lesson 3: Combining letters into words – focus on the various approaches to help children blend words  using the alphabet sounds learned

✓ Understand how oral blending and segmenting can prepare kids to read and spell ✓ Learn to build 3-letter words through rhymes and Letterland stories

✓ Practise blending CVC words using the alphabet sounds learned

✓ Recognize tricky words and high frequency words

Lesson 4: Reading Workshop – focus on strategies and tips to help kids read and spell decodable words  (CVC, CCVC, CVCC and CCVCC) using the alphabet sounds learned

✓ Explore tools and activities that can help with blending and spelling

✓ Examine the sounds of various consonant blends and word endings such as ‘bl’, ‘cl’, ‘gl’, ‘br’, ‘cr’, ‘pr’, ‘ck’, ‘ss’, ’nt’ and more

✓ Practise blending CVC, CCVC, CVCC words and even longer ones

✓ Suggest early reading strategies and the choice of suitable readers

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  • Parent Phonics (Beginners)

    Date: 5月3日, 5日, 10日 及 12日(星期二及四) Time: 晚上 8:00-9:15 (75分鐘)





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