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當小朋友要在人前 present 自己 idea 時,很多時會不知從何說起,缺乏組織。 從小開始學習懂得表達對小朋友建立自信很有幫助,更重要的是面試不會口啞啞,輕鬆面對各種面試。




這本書會指引家長如何使用此書【How to Use This Book】【Show and Tell Tips】,而【Show and Tell Rubrics】為幫助小朋友評估表現更進一步。內容會以自己、家庭及圍繞身邊事物做主題,每一個單元精美彩色插圖,提供豐富合適Vocabularies,配以問答題、畫圖方式引導小朋友。每本20個單元,共88頁。


This series aims to familiarise children with the Show and Tell format so that they can be adequately prepared to handle this component with confidence when they enter primary school.


Each book incorporates topics which are relevant to children and uses lively and colourful illustrationsSpecific vocabulary is introduced in each topic so they will be able to use the appropriate terms in each context. Sample templates are also provided to help children in their preparation of their own presentation. Exercises are provided to reinforce the words learnt by children, in order to help them fully understand and  comprehend its meaning and usage. The exercises encourage children to flex their creative muscle through drawing and using different words in sentences. It is hoped that through these fun exercises and vibrant pictures, not only will children develop their language and speaking skills, but also their self-esteem and confidence as well.


Through this book, children will be equipped with the necessary skills to tackle this component and gain confidence to speak in front of their classmates.

Show And Tell

HK$105.00 一般價格
  • 新加坡幼稚園學制與香港不同,以下是一個對照表:
    新加坡 PN = 香港 K1
    新加坡 K1 = 香港 K2
    新加坡 K2 = 香港 K3

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