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Challenging English

🔸  內含 100 個練習,讓小朋友學習不同的範籌包括 grammar,word recognition,word order,sentence synthesis 和 sentence formation。

🔸  更包含 8 個全面的測驗,讓小朋友更了解自己的水平,銜接小一課程,建立學習英文的自信和增加競爭力。


No. of pages: 202


Challenging English contains 100 ­comprehensive exercises which will expose a pupil to the different components of the English Language taught in ­primary schools. The exercises consist of a wide range of topics such as basic grammar, word recognition, word order, ­sentence synthesis and sentence formation. 


There are also 8 comprehensive tests to ensure that a pupil has understood all the components to be tested in Primary One.

This book will help pupils to face primary school ­education with greater confidence and ­competence.


Challenging English ( Preschool )

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