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Comprehension practice 幫助學生豐富他們的詞彙和文法運用,並加強他們的理解能力。這 50 個練習是專門為滿足升小英語課程的要求而設計的。每個練習的目的是幫助學生加強和鞏固在所學到的,同時亦為考試做好準備。


No. of pages: 90


Comprehension Practice is written to serve as an aid to pupils to enrich their vocabulary and grammar and strengthen their skills in comprehension. These 50 exercises are specially designed to meet the requirements of the syllabus for English Language.
The objective of each exercise is to help pupils to reinforce and consolidate work done in school and at the same time prepare them for tests and examinations.

Comprehension Practice ( Preschool )

庫存單位: SU-KE-003
HK$60.00 一般價格
  • 新加坡幼稚園學制與香港不同,以下是一個對照表:
    新加坡 PN = 香港 K1
    新加坡 K1 = 香港 K2
    新加坡 K2 = 香港 K3

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