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More and more parents are expressing concern over their children's education. It is not sufficient just to send children to good kindergartens. A pre–primary booster is considered necessary to ensure success in Primary School education.

It is precisely for this reason that this book, Excel in Mathematics, is written.


Mastery of its contents will give your child a better insight into the work in Primary One and will also equip the child to face Primary School education with greater confidence and competence.


No. of pages: 298

Excel In Mathematics (Pre-School)

HK$148.00 一般價格
  • 新加坡幼稚園學制與香港不同,以下是一個對照表:
    新加坡 PN = 香港 K1
    新加坡 K1 = 香港 K2
    新加坡 K2 = 香港 K3

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