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This is a series expansion from the bestselling I’m the Best in Chinese Composition Writing to help the pupil master the art of crafting composition writing at all Primary levels.


The pupil will be given tips on analysing pictures with mind-intriguing questions. It is divided into two parts

  • Narrative Structure (Units 1 to 5)
    Narrative Structure introduces the overall component of a short story-plot, introduction, body and conclusion. These components help the make use of a conventional structure to compose an interesting story that is logical and able to stick to a given theme.
  • Narrative Tools (Units 6 to 20). 
    Narrative Tools explores the methods in which stories can be conveyed. Pupils are introduced to different perspectives that can be used to convey a story as well as a range of adjectives to describe different emotions and actions. These tools assist pupils in building their composition’s depth and level of sophistication.


It is a comprehensive resource that pupils can use for self-directed practice and a practical teaching aid for educator and parents.

  • Explanations with model compositions
  • Word bank to improve pupils' vocabulary
  • Techniques for composition writing

ISBN 9789814693455
No. of Pages 160

P1 I'm the Best in English Composition Writing

HK$92.00 一般價格

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