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Book A

🔸  前半 Unit 1-15 讓小朋友先看色彩豐富生動的圖像,回答簡短的填充(Cloze)。

🔸  後半Unit 16-32 開始在圖像中加入英文短句,回答簡易選擇題(MC)

No. of pages: 65


Book B在圖像輔助下開始進階的短文閱讀,另一方面亦會加入多款不同形式的答題類型比小朋友練習挑戰。   

No. of pages: 63


Pre-School Comprehension Tutor Book A for Ages 5-7

Pre-School Comprehension Tutor is a two-book series for young learners. Book A exposes the student to reading and answering short questions while Book B asks questions that require further understanding. This book aims to introduce comprehension to pupils from age 5 to 7 in a fun and creative manner.

Bright colours, interesting illustrations and imaginative short stories help to perk the pupil's interest in their journey of comprehending passages. Each short story is themed and aims to educate the pupils in the various aspects and encounters in their daily life. 




Pre-school comprehension tutor

HK$79.00 一般價格
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