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Step-by-Step Mathematics is a series of six books written based on the latest MOE syllabus. The series is designed to help pupils reinforce and consolidate concepts on the topics learnt in the textbook. There is ample practice on basic skills and concepts in every topic. Challenging tasks are also included to stretch pupils' ability.

The learning objectives of each topic are clearly identified and accompanied by progressive key concept practices.

  • Let's Learn
    Includes worked examples to guide pupils in the basic as well as problem-solving skills. Notes are included to accompany examples to help pupils understand the working more clearly.
  • Let's Practise
    Includes drills to provide ample practice to help pupils master the basic concepts, skills and processes
  • Let's Explore
    Builds on basic concepts, skills and processes and allows pupils to apply the concepts and skills in a wide range of situations
  • Let's Think Further
    Includes non-routine questions to challenge and stretch pupils' ability
  • Let's Reflect
    Pupils to self-evaluate their level of mastery on the topic

Reviews and Trial Examinations are also included to reinforce and consolidate pupils' learning. All answers and detailed solutions are provided.



Step By Step Mathematics P1

HK$159.00 一般價格
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