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Learning Mathematics by the Minute Series is written with the sole aim of providing students with a firm foundation and strong mathematical concepts to enable them to perform operations effectively as well as develop spatial visualization and real world knowledge.


The series of books is itemized into topics – 10 for N, 9 for K1 and 8 for K2 – that are both progressive in nature and primary-centric in context.


Target groups:
• Nursery – 4 years
• K1 – 5 years
• K2 – 6 years


Learning Objective:
• To instill, develop and finally enhance cognitive as well as pre-numeracy skills in young children, thereby enabling them to master foundational mathematics concepts.


Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Helps students build maths awareness by strengthening observational skills and establishing number sense;
• Helps students develop early maths skills by reinforcing concepts in addition to introducing spatial visualisation and inculcating real world knowledge;
• Allows students to achieve mastery and proficiency of first maths concepts by promoting logical thinking and reasoning.


Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 96

Learning Mathematics by the minute N-K2

HK$89.00 一般價格
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