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Vocabulary Tutor 是一本適合小朋友建立詞語的練習


🔸  由淺有序地有效提高孩子學習 Vocabulary 的興趣,籍此提昇 Grammar 運用及豐富詞匯量!

🔸  另一特色是書內為小朋友設計了多個不同種類的題型,有 unscrambling, fill in the blanks, matching, missing letter, puzzles, dialogue......,能增加小朋友學習的樂趣和動力!

🔸  書後附設答案。


No. of pages: 84


Pre-School Vocabulary Tutor for Ages 5-7

Vocabulary Tutor aims to introduce new words to pupils from ages 5 to 7 in a fun and creative manner.
This book contains colourful illustrations and creative exercises that help develop the pupil's interest in learning new words and be a companion in their journey of acquiring new vocabularies.

Pre-school Vocabulary Tutor for age 5-7

HK$135.00 一般價格
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